Invitation to apply

Fusion & Luna are coming back - Under New Management

You may have heard, but Phil, Alex & Josh (in no particular order) have created a brand new company which will be setting up and taking over a brand new lease at Fusion & Luna.

We've been working hard behind the scenes getting lots of things moving, and there is still a lot of things which we need to do (Including get the liquor license!) But we're at a stage where we would love to invite you to apply for a position with the new company.

If you have missed that little bit of extra cash, or the good times that we all used to have then its time to join the gang once more.

We have the following part time positions which will be available:

  • Bar Staff (Luna & Fusion)
  • Glass Collectors
  • Cloakroom 
  • Customer Security (Door Staff)
  • DJ

The jobs will be slightly different to the ones which used to exist, but essentially its going to be the same great place to work, just run a little differently.  You'll also notice that there are a couple of positions which we unfortunately aren't looking for at the moment.  Unfortunately to make sure that everything adds up we need to concentrate on the basics to begin with, but everyone who was previously employed by Fusion Leisure Limited, is welcome to apply for any of the vacant positions that we 

If you're interested the fill out the application and we'll get back to you with more information about the roles, rates of pay and take it from there.

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